Q: How many people can play at once?

A: Like any traditional round of golf, up to 5 players can join a group. A little over 30 groups can play the course during any given day which means a little more than 120 individuals can try the 9, 18, or 36 hole experiences.

Q: What does a double loop course mean and what makes this better than other courses?

A: The patented Double Loop Course is unique to golf and consists of a traditional 18 hole golf course consisting of double tee boxes and two green complexes utilizing one common fairway. Every green complex is separate and has its own set of sand traps and obstacles defending it. A T36 Double Loop Course can be designed as a Par 3 Short Course, Executive Course or a more traditional blend of Par 5’s, 4’s and 3’s as you would see in a traditional 18 hole course. Since the real estate needed is typically 40 percent less this allows for less maintenance expenses and approximately 60% less water usage, measurably reducing the carbon footprint of the courses and the environmental impact of a more traditional 150 to 200 acre 18 hole tract.

Q: Do I have to be good at golf to enjoy my time here?

A: No! Our courses are designed to be fun, inviting and memorable for beginners or experts. Both low and high handicappers can enjoy our plush fairways and green, resort style designs making the courses playable and challenging based on your skill level.

Q: Are there age requirements?

A: All ages are welcome! The T36 experience is great for junior golfers to hone their skills, and for older golfers that might enjoy a slightly less taxing and more relaxing course while still enjoying a full 18 hole game.

Q: Are alcohol and food options available?

A: Yes! Our food & beverage is intentionally designed to provide our patrons that are spectating or playing with a fresh menu selection. From Poke Nachos to the coldest beers in town, no T36 experience is complete without an order from our cafe.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Bring what you would to any round of golf: golf shoes, casual golfing attire and a set of golf clubs. If needed, golf clubs can be rented at our golf pro shop from our polite and cordial golf staff.

Q: Why does it matter if your course is sustainable?

A: Sustainability is important to all of us affiliated with T36 and we’re constantly researching ways to help reduce our carbon footprint. We believe at T36 that part of our mission is to both create a memorable golf experience for our golf patrons while providing a less adverse impact on our environment than a traditional golf course does. By using more organic solutions in fertilizers, indigenous plants that surround the fairways, 60% less water usage and generally less demand on emissions from maintenance equipment we are doing our part to better our ecosystem.